Our company.


Our CEO, Rasmus Gupta, is a man with many years of being a drone nerd under his belt. He has experienced the challenges that drone-based developers face in the field first-hand – both as a drone pilot and as an engineer. 

He had a keen eye on all the ways in which life could be made easier for developers in the drone sector, and decided to start crafting a drone that could do just that.

He soon bought in the help of Philip Salmony (Electrical Engineer) to complete the team, who are now busy pursuing the most powerful and useful drone platform possible. 

Our mission is to help drone-based companies and projects flourish faster, providing a platform where the drone component is ready to go out of the box with no hassle and no need to add your own supercomputer or 4G connectivity components. 

The commercial drone industry is booming, and we believe that boom will help shape our future for the better, with innovative and sustainable ideas already popping up in the news such as drone-based seed spreaders for hard-to-reach terrains, drone-based mapping systems for environmental monitoring, and drone-based search-and-rescue systems. We want to aid all innovators by helping to bring their ideas to life as quickly and efficiently as possible via our platform


Embedded Systems and Firmware Engineer

CEO and Founder

Chief Electrical Engineer and Co-founder